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OdoSulf® Sulfide Monitoring

OdoSulf® provides continuous monitoring of sulfide emissions

OdoSulf® is the first automated system designed specifially for Hydrogen Sulfide emissions with a real-time H2S plume display. The system monitors sulfid emission sources and displays the odor intensity as a color-coded plume overlaid on a site map. Operators are alerted that actions need to be taken.

How OdoSulf® Works

  1. OdoSulf® technology positions e-noses near the emission sources and uses AERMOD to model and display the H2S dispersion plume of the site.
  2. All data is archived and available at a click. Alerts will be sent to the operator by e-mail.
  3. OdoSulf® can measure H2S down to 2 ppb as a perimeter monitor. As a source monitor, it can measure up to 100 ppm H2S.


Operators are warned when a situation could result in odor complaints. This early warning enables process adjustments or proactive steps to be taken to prevent nuisance odors.

Quantification of H2S with OdoSulf® shows immediately which of the site sources needs action avoiding costly investigations in case of H2S emissions thereby improving community relations.


  • Track the H2S values at the property boundaries
  • Avoid costly investigations in cases of H2S emissions
  • Improve community relations
  • Optimize process
  • Manage proactively
  • Monitor the effectiveness of abatement actions taken