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OdoWatch® Odor Monitoring

OdoWatch® provides continuous monitoring of odor sources to help operators prevent odor complaints

OdoWatch® system's electronic nose is calibrated to "smell" odors and quantify them in odor units. The system monitors odor sources and displays the odor intensity as a color-coded plume overlaid on a site map. Operators are alerted that actions need to be taken before the odor intensity reaches a point that can be detected by the human nose.

How OdoWatch® Works

  1. OdoWatch® technology positions e-noses near the site's odor sources. The e-noses are calibrated to recognize and quantify your site's odors in odor units. This data is sent to a central control unit (CCU) at your site.
  2. A weather tower collects data at your site and transmits the information to the same central control unit.
  3. The CCU combines the weather data and uses proprietary software to display the intensity of the odor as a color coded plume overlaid on a site map.


Operators are warned when a situation could result in odor compliants. This early warning enables process adjustments or proactive steps to be taken to prevent nuisance odors.

Quantification of odors enables right-size odor control measures and prevents overdosing of treatment chemicals for odor control, thus saving costs.


  • Improve community relationships
  • Eliminate costly on-site sampling
  • Right-size your odor control
  • Provide scientific defendable data
  • Reduce chemical overdosing


OdoScan™ can be an affordable alternative to OdoWatch®.

With OdoScan™, the odor concentration is measured manually at the sources of the site. That measured value is then used as a fixed input to the OdoScan™ software, which uses the real-time weather data from the met tower to model the atmospheric dispersion and display the site's odor plume.

OdoScan tracks the direction of the emitted odor based on fixed source concentration data (in odor units per cubic metre) but real-time weather.

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1. Centralizes and automates odor monitoring

2. Models atmospheric dispersion of odor and archives the weather data

3. Displays an odor plume based on real-time weather, displays meteorological data, and odor concentration at the receptors

4. Alerts when preset odor values are exceeded at those receptors