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ZDD - Zero Discharge Desalination

ZDD is a new desalination technology that achieves higher water recovery than any alternative available in the marketplace.

ZDD is ideal for

  • inland brackish groundwater treatment for potable water uses
  • retrofiting existing RO systems for improved recovery rate and
  • plant capacity expansion as end-of-pipe add-on

ZDD can be applied to reduce or eliminate the need for more costly, less environmentally friendly disposal options such as deep well injection, large evaporation ponds, or waste hauling.

ZDD technology utilizes a combination of separation process including an electrodialysis device in an ion substitution mode to remove divalent salts from water. When high silica levels are present in the concentrate stream a secondary membrane system is added to control the silica.

ZDD can be added on to any existing RO plant production producing potable water from a brackish well. ZDD will increase the potable recovery rate from the typical 80% to as high as 97%.

With a ZDD retrofit, treatment capacity is expanded and brine generation is diminished, which may solve your permitting problems. Peripheral processes can also be added to recover calcium sulfate and sodium chloride.