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I. Kruger Inc was awarded a contract from CAS Construction Inc., Topeka, Kansas for the supply of an eight (8) MGD ACTIFLO process plant for the City of Wichita, Kansas. The process will treat source water directly from the Little Arkansas River, and treat it sufficiently to allow it to be used to recharge the aquifer through either recharge wells or recharge basins.

Kruger worked with the City of Wichita and the design build team of Camp Dresser & McKee Inc. (CDM) and CAS Construction Inc. on the design, evaluation, and selection phases of the project. CDM and Kruger have worked together on a number of successful projects including the 100 MGD wet weather treatment facility located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Kruger's ACTIFLO system was selected as the preferred process due to its small footprint, quick startup times, ability to treat a wide variety of source water conditions (50 to 1,500 NTU), and Kruger's ability to meet the obstinate deadlines.

The plant is scheduled to begin operations by September 2006.